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When you are going to be in the wilderness under hardest weather conditions, without the survival jacket, you cannot defeat the cold and the rain. The best survival jacket will helps prevent frostbite, hypothermia, and other cold-weather injuries.

Choosing the correct survival clothing could end up saving your life. If you have no ideal about survival jacket. This post are some different types of them that we hope will help you find the best one for your trip.

#1 Hard-shell Jacket

Hard-shell jacket is designed to protect you from even hardest weather and other elements such as snow, rain, and wind. It is versatile because it is thin and lightweight. Hơever, the drawback of hard-shell jacket is that it is not really effective to keep you warm. It does not have an isulation layer.

Besides, most hard-shell jackets are not good at breathable as its purpose is to seal out water. But you can wear several layers under the hard-shell jacket and it can keep you warm.

#2 Soft-shell jacket

Softshell jacket is designed to keep you warm. It is highly breathable and also can be waterproof. Due to these features, it can be considered as one the most common survival jackets on the market.

This jacket usually be used for hiking and climbing. A softshell jacket is extremely versatile as it allow the water to evaporate and its stretchy features. The drawback is that it is not designed especially for waterproof so it cannot protect you from rain. It is also not work great in the extreme weather conditions.

#3 Windshell

Windshell jacket or can be known as windbreaker. This jacket has low rain resistance. It is a lightweight jacket designed to protect you when the weather turns windy and chilly. It will come to handy when you need to carry it out for the camping trip as it is lightweight and versatile. It also usually includes a hood that will help protect you head from cold wind.

However, this jacket only perfect to use as an outer layer in the cooler seasons, not in the cold, rain or snowlike conditions.

#4 Fleece Jacket

Fleece make a versatile jacket. Fleece is warm, sodt, and breathable material. It is a warm jacket to wear when hiking, camping in a cold enviroment, but not when it is too cold. Because fleece is not designed to prevent moisture, so it cannot keep you dry.

Fleece jacket is lightweight that you can easy stash into a backpack for a quick weekend camping trip, a day hike.

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 When it comes to set up an aquarium, there are lots of different accessories. Many aquarists prefer to recreate a natural ocean habitat in their tank by using sand. 

The best aquarium sand will not require to change or not frequently. Moreover, there are some other factors you have to consider before buying sand for your aquarium.

In this post, will are going to compare two of the most common product of sand for aquarium: CaribSea Arag-Alive Fiji Pink Sand and Nature’s Ocean No.0 Bio-Activ Live Sand


#1 Beneficial bacteria and Filtration

The best sand aquarium should promote beneficial bacteria; these bacteria will help to filter out the debris and waste that built up in the tank water. If combined with the best fish tank filters, they will make the environment in the aquarium a lot cleaner.

The advantage of CaribSea sand is that it contains millions of good bacteria inside before you put it in a tour tank. There are heterotrophic, autotrophic, and chemolithotrophic bacteria, which are very useful to reduce the growth of wastes. 

Due to that, you can also skip the cycling time of the sand. This is the time for the growth of bacteria and the stability of a new tank.

CaribSea sand is really suitable for a new tank since it acts as a nitrate filter and Ammonia reducer. Moreover, it also does the work of a high capacity biological filter.

Nature’s Ocean sand is actually taken from the ocean, it is completely natural and also contain live good bacteria. This sand ensures that all the bacteria still alive in the natural state so it quickly adapts your tank. 

Like CaribSea, this sand also can quickly give the natural balance to your tank, reduce ammonia and nitrate in the tank very effectively. You can put any equipment, your coral and your fish as soon as you place the sand without waiting for cycle time.

#2 pH Balance

We all know that the sudden change in the pH level can post disastrous for an aquarium. You will want to get the sand type that has a neutral pH level.

The surface area of CaribSea is ideal for containing a source of calcium, carbonate and trace elements, which keep the pH balanced without using any chemicals to moderate the pH level.

Nature’s Ocean sand contains live aragonite which helps maintain the constant nitrate levels and maintain proper pH levels.

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Brass tumbler is an important device that you need to have today. This device is very useful to help you clean the brass, so you can create a better cartridge for firing accurately. Some popular brass tumblers are available on the market. You have to consider some important factors when comparing all available brass tumblers, for example, materials, capacity, type of tumbler, reliability, and many other factors. You can find the best brass tumbler in this article.

#1 Frankford Arsenal 110V Platinum Series

This brass tumbler will be able to clean about 1000 cases of 0.223 brass on every cycle. It is an efficient device that you need to have in your home. It has a large 7-liter capacity. One of the best features of this device is its maintenance-free drivetrain. This system can eliminate the need for replacing a belt. Its timer allows you to shut down this device automatically after it finishes the work.

#2 Lyman Pro 1200 Tumbler

This device is suitable for you who are looking for an efficient brass tumbler. This device has a perfect balance between durability, economy, and capacity. It is proven to be very effective in removing oxidation, old lube, or fouling from the brass cases. Some interesting features are available in this device, for example, thermally-protected motor, advanced bowl design, and also built-in sifter lid. It can deliver a powerful cleaning action.

#3 Hornady Case Tumbler 050202 M-1

This is another popular brass tumbler that you can use in your home. This device is popular for its big size, so it can clean a lot of cases at the same time. You can get up to 400 cases of the 0.38 cases. It has a powerful cyclonic action, so you can ensure that the cleaning process can be done smoothly. Everything is designed to provide a smooth cleaning process with quiet performance. You can change batches easily because it comes with a media sifter.

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Light-emitting diode (LED) lighting is one of the best energy proficient answers for grow lighting in any indoor cultivating condition, bringing down both the climate control cost and the operation’s direct power. In any case, higher installation expenses and lighting spectra that have frequently proven excessively narrow for solid plant development have been serious issues with LED lighting that planters must consider when settling on what lighting to use.


With the proficiency of the genuine LEDs themselves leveling, the chance to make significant changes in LED lighting originates from upgrading the productivity of the light-conversion optics.
Light “down-conversion” is a key phenomenon utilized in the present LED lighting innovation whereby high-energy (shorter wavelength) blue photons from a diode are consumed by a phosphorescent material and afterward re-discharged at a reduced energy (longer wavelength) in the red to green color spectrum.
Since blue LEDs are the most effective source of light, down-conversion is vital to making distinctive colors by changing the blue light into other helpful wavelengths, for example, red and green, or consolidating all colors to deliver white light. Conventional LEDs have a phosphor-based down-conversion coating connected specifically on the LED.
Rather than an immediate coating on each, blue light from numerous uncoated LEDs can be down-changed by a remote photonic film. Current down-changing film innovation uses silicon resin, utilizing two chemical parts joined with phosphor admixtures.
These films are not extremely productive at radiating the required spectra (light wavelengths) and transmit heat because of index-matching losses. The production of these films is a tedious procedure, bringing down manufacturing yields and expanding cost for lighting installations. They likewise require lethal chemicals and exceptional instruments to make.
Light-emitting diode lighting fixtures made with these films are not only less difficult to fabricate, prompting lower installation costs, they are more effective to operate and radiate less warmth than normal lights. This can reduce both the climate control and ongoing power expenses of a facility when contrasted with customary LED fixtures.
For vertical farming applications, plants can be set nearer to the lights, increasing space-effectiveness and efficiency within a footprint. Likewise, custom films can be made with any desired growth spectra, which means discerning cultivators can guarantee that plants get the correct sort of light they require.
For high-density vertical farming and hydroponics to wind up more proficient, LED lighting must turn into a financial decision to install and use. What’s more, LED lighting must turn into a compelling decision to convey the outcomes planters require. Photonic light-conversion films help LED installations make the next stride in effectiveness by reducing expenses and conveying the most astounding quality grow spectra in the market.
The new innovation conveys high-productivity lighting, which means a similar measure of light is conveyed utilizing about 25% less power than current LEDs. The conversion efficiency of the film likewise implies less waste warmth is made, reducing expenses for climate control and permitting the position of lights substantially nearer to plants.
Closer situating increases light entrance into the canopy while at the same time permitting an expanded thickness of plants (plants per cubic foot) in vertical ranches.
Lyotropic materials are basic in nature, and make up our muscles and numerous other biological systems. They possess self-aligning propensities, utilizing just water as the key medium, and can help bring down creation costs by streamlining the manufacturing and coating processes.

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